Clemson Calculus Challenge

The Clemson Calculus Challenge is a one day calculus contest for high school students that consists of two components. In the morning students take an individual 90 minute calculus test consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions. The 40 questions range in difficulty from "fairly routine" for the first 10, to "very challenging" for the last 10. The afternoon competition is team oriented. Teams of three to four students compete in a six-round, free-response question tournament. Each round lasts 10 minutes, and a team's score is determined by correctness and time needed to solve the problem. The morning exam and the afternoon problems are designed to test students' knowledge of the topics that roughly parallel the Advanced Placement Calculus AB syllabus.

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Students taking the test in 2008 Students taking the test in 2009 A group of students poses Award winners in 2008