MATH 1070

Differential and Integral Calculus

Course Information and Policies
This is the department course policies for MATH 1070.  Make sure you also get your instructor's supplement.
  • Looking for the Calculus text in MLM - instructions concerning the interactive e-text vs. the pdf.
  • More information about ASC attendance: PAL leaders pictures and schedules, weekly schedule summary, info on choosing a service.
Daily Course Schedule
Course Learning Objectives
    A list of learning outcomes for the course can be found in the department course policies.
Exam Information
  • Tests for Spring 2020 are Feb 5, March 4, and April 15.  Test starting time is 5:30.
    • Simms - section 1 & 2 - Kinard 301
    • Bachstein - section 3 - Kinard 101
    • Westerbaan - section 4 - Lee 111
    • Morra - section 6 - Kinard 201
    • Espe - section 7 - Hunter 100
    • Jones - section 8 - Daniel 100B
    Previous Exams
      Do not assume that the sections covered on each test are the same semester to semester.  Do not assume that the content of one of the previous exams is the same as the content of your corresponding unit exam.  Do not assume that the testing format is the same.

      Spring 2015 - Spring 2018 classes and tests are based on Stewart Calculus Early Transcendentals. 
        Classes and tests before Fall 2014 were based on Briggs Calculus Late Transcendentals 1st edition
        Additional Resources
        • Clemson Academic Success Center website  (information on free tutoring, Supplemental Instruction and PASS, and other programs to promote success for students)

          Course Coordinator: Donna Simms, Martin Hall O-311