STAT 3090

Introductory Business Statistics

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General Syllabus Fall 2022
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Tentative Course Calendar

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Course Learning Objectives
After completing this course, students will be able to ….
1. Identify and distinguish between types of variables, and know which types of variables are required for statistical techniques
2. Explain and apply measures of central tendency, spread, and relative standing and how these different measures relate to each other in various distribution patterns
3. Apply rules of probability, and extend those principles to discrete and continuous probability distributions
4. Explain and apply the concept of sampling distributions and their role in developing confidence intervals and use in hypothesis testing, correctly utilizing the “t” or “z” or “chi-squared” distribution
5. Calculate and interpret confidence intervals for the mean and proportion in one sample scenarios
6. Identify the correct statistical test to be used for hypothesis testing on one sample scenarios for mean, proportion, and standard deviation
7. Clearly interpret the results of statistical analysis in context of the original research question
8. Correctly and appropriately use correlation and linear regression techniques, including inference on the models
9. Use the statistical software JMP® to perform data analysis.

Course Skill Set

Exam Information
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Previous Exams
The format of these exams will be different since testing is now through the Hawkes Learning System.  However, they are representative of the types of questions you will encounter.  Some items may not be covered or may be covered in a different order.  See the course skill sheets for details on skills for the current semester.
Test 1 - 

             Fall 19 Blank        Fall 19 Key

Test 2 - 

            Fall 19 Blank         Fall 19 Key

Test 3 -

            Fall 19 Blank.      Fall 19 Key
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