MATH 2060

Calculus of Several Variables

Course Information and Policies
General Information

MATH 2060 is a four-credit-hour course covering topics typically found in a multivariable calculus class intended for STEM majors.  These topics include vectors and the geometry of space, functions of several variables, multiple integrals, vector functions, and vector calculus.

MATH 2060 is not a coordinated course in the manner of MATH 1060 and 1080.  As such, each 2060 instructor will determine the policies for his/her class.

Textbook Information
Course Learning Objectives
Additional Resources
MATH 1060 and 1080 Review
WebAssign Registration Instructions - You will need a Class Key from your 2060 instructor.
Clemson Academic Success Center - Free tutoring, Peer Assisted Learning (PAL), and other academic assistance.
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