MATH 1020

Business Calculus I

Course Information and Policies
SMSS Fall 2022 Course Policies MATH 1020 This SMSS course policies document applies to all sections of MATH 1020/1021. 

Students should be sure to receive their MATH 1021 lab instructor's course policies supplement which contains information and policies for that section and gives more details on the 28% of the MATH 1020 grade that comes from the MATH 1021 lab grade.

Required materials are listed in the course policies document above.  
You might want to first view your purchasing options.

Daily Course Schedule

SMSS Fall 2022 Course Calendar MATH 1020    

The Course Calendar outlines the topics covered in the course, includes due dates for Web Assign, and shows testing dates and holidays.

Course Learning Objectives
Course Objectives and Suggested Exercises

This document lists objectives that will be tested, textbook problems that are included in Web Assign, and suggested additional exercises from the textbook.
Exam Information
Tests in MATH 1020 Fall 2022 will use Canvas and Lockdown Browser with in-person proctoring.
(Remote proctoring with Respondus Monitor is possible for documentable reasons.  Remote proctoring must be approved in advance by the course coordinator.)

All students will practice remote proctoring during the sample Testing Session/Calculator Quiz on September 7th at 5:30 pm.  Please read this file in detail before the sample testing session: 2022 Fall MATH 1020 Testing with LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor 

Sample Testing session/Calculator Quiz  September 7, 2022 start 5:30 pm.
Test 1 September 21, 2022 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Test 2 October 19, 2022 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Test 3 November 30, 2022 5:30 - 7:00 pm
Final Exam December 14, 2022 7:00 - 9:30 pm

Previous Exams
Content on each exam varies from semester to semester. You may find it useful to read the directions on these tests. This is not a sample test, as problems and format will change each semester. Be sure to learn the material thoroughly. Study by reading and working problems from the text, the Lecture Guide, Web Assign and other problems. Be sure to use all available resources, and ask questions before a test

Be sure to click on a WebAssign assignment in Canvas first thing on Wednesday, August 24, 2022 . There is a 14 day grace period in which you can log onto Web Assign and do the homework even if you haven't yet purchased an access code. You will need to purchase and use the access code before the grace period ends.

If you are having problems getting in to your Web Assign account (see Web Assign Login Instructions here), or entering the access code, registration assistance is available 12 - 2 pm each weekday between August 15 - September 2nd.  The Zoom link will be posted in your MATH 1020 Canvas course.  A Cengage representative will be there to help you.  Be sure to get help from a Web Assign representative before the first assignment is due.  Do not go to CCIT!

If your instructor has set the Ask My Teacher Function in Web Assign, you might be interested in the following: Email Notification Setup for Ask Your Teacher Responses

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  • How to Set Due Date Reminders:

Additional Resources
I. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding Required Course Materials
Q:   I have a TI-89/TI-92/TI-Nspire calculator.  Can I use it for this course?
         A:   No. Math 1020 requires a TI-84 Plus (or SE or CSE or CE) or TI-83 Plus calculator.
                 No exceptions will be made.

Q:  Do I need to buy the Lecture Guide and WebAssign access?  What's the most economical way to buy them?  Will it benefit me to subscribe/upgrade to Cengage Unlimited?
A:  Both the Lecture Guide and WebAssign access are required for ALL sections of Math 1020/1021. Please refer to this file about your purchasing options to help you decide which option is best for you. 

Q:  Do I need to purchase the course textbook, "Calculus Concepts: An Informal Approach to the Mathematics of Change, by Latorre, et al, 2014"?
A:  No. You will have access to the eBook through WebAssign and/or Cengage Unlimited, which is sufficient. If you would like to purchase a physical copy of the text, you can purchase it at the campus bookstore bundled with the Lecture and Note-taking Guide and the WebAssign Access Code. If you subscribe to Cengage Unlimited, you will also have the option of renting a hard copy of the text.

Q:  Do I need to purchase the Student Solutions Manual?
A:  No.  This is completely optional.

II. Clemson's Academic Success Center
Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) sessions available as a complement to the course lectures. You PAL leader has taken Math 1020 in the past and can share tips and tricks for success. The PAL leader will also be working closely with your instructor to ensure you are equipped with the right tools to support your learning. Sessions are a great way to stay current with course content and learn from other students. You can take advantage of this valuable resource by watching for emails and announcements from your PAL leader. If your schedule does not allow you to attend those sessions, you can find additional PAL sessions by visiting the ASC website ( and clicking on the orange "Visit PAL Website" button on the right.

This course is supported by the Academic Success Center tutoring program. The ASC tutors have completed and done well in Math 1020, and they understand the concepts well enough to help you work through questions you may have. The ASC tutoring program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association, which means that our tutors are trained to share learning and study strategies during the tutorial sessions. While tutors will not complete/correct homework for you or help you on take-home tests or quizzes, they will help you understand and reinforce concepts that you are learning in your classes. For more information, visit

Course Coordinator: Donna Simms,