Office: Long Hall B14
Fax: (864) 656-5230

Seth Selken

Degree Program:
MS, Mathematical Sciences
BS in Mathematics from Iowa State University, 2017
Professional Research Interests
Discrete Mathematics, specifically graph theory and its connections to other areas of mathematics, science, and engineering
Professional Memberships
International Linear Algebra Society (ILAS)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Selected Publications
Recent Classes Taken
Fall 2018 (tentative):
Math 8100 (Mathematical Programming)
Math 9500 (Commutative Algebra)
Math 9850 (Algebraic Curves)

Summer 2018:
Math 8000 (Probability)
Math 8030 (Stochastic Processes)

Spring 2018:
Math 8540 (Theory of Graphs)
Math 8600 (Scientific Computing)
Math 9850 (Monomial Ideals)

Fall 2017:
Math 8210 (Linear Analysis)
Math 8510 (Abstract Algebra 1)
Math 8580 (Number Theory)
Last Updated: 7/8/18