Office: Long Hall B01
Fax: (864) 656-5230

Maddy St. Ville

Degree Program:
MS, Mathematical Sciences
BS in Mathematics Education from University of Alabama, 2016
Professional Memberships
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Vice President of Clemson Chapter
Recent Classes Taken
Fall 2017
MATH 8070 (Applied Multivariate Analysis)
MATH 8210 (Linear Analysis)
MATH 8840 (Statistics for Experimenters)

Summer 2017
MATH 8000 (Probability Theory)
STAT 8010 (Statistical Methods 1)

Spring 2017
MATH 6530 (Real Analysis I)
MATH 8030 (Stochastic Processes I)
MATH 8050 (Data Analysis)

Fall 2016
MATH 8100 (Mathematical Programming)
MATH 8530 (Matrix Analysis)
MATH 8600 (Introduction to Scientific Computing)
Recent Classes Taught
Fall 2017
MATH 1020 (Business Calculus I)
Last Updated: 8/15/17