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Phone: (864) 624-3681
Email: wei6@clemson.edu
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Shuai Wei

Degree Program:
MS, Mathematical Sciences
MS in Mathematical Sciences from Clemson University, 2019
MS in Computer Science from Clemson University, 2015
BS in EE from Beijing Institute of Technology, 2012
Recent Classes Taken
Before Majoring in Math:
MATH8600 Intro to Scientific Computing 
MATH8530 Matrix Analysis
MATH8140 Network Flow Programming
MATH8030 Stochastic Processes 
MATH8850 Advanced Data Analysis
MATH8100 Mathematical Programming
MATH8220 Measure and integral

After majoring in Math:
2016 Spring:
MATH8040 Statistical inference
MATH8050 Data analysis
MATH8090 Time series 
MATH8210 Linear analysis

2016 Fall:
MATH8080 Reliability and life testing
MATH8170 Stochastic Models In Operations Research I
MATH8510 Abstract Algebra I
MATH9010 Probability Theory I

2017 Spring:
MATH8010 General Hypothesis Test I
MATH8180 Stochastic Models In Operations Research II
MATH8520 Abstract Algebra II
MATH9020 Probability Theory II

2017 Fall:
MATH8230 Complex Analysis
MATh8580 Number Theory
MATH8650 Advanced Data structure
MATH9850 Homological Algebra

2018 Spring:
MATH8310 Fourier Series
MATh8540 Graph Theory
MATH9510 Algebraic Number Theory
MATH9852 Monomial Ideal

2018 Fall:
MATH8550 Combinatorial Analysis
MATH9270 Functional Analysis
MATH9550 Commutative Algebra
MATH9851 Algebraic Curves

2019 Spring:
MATH9510 Analytic Number Theory

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