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Shuai Wei

Degree Program:
MS, Mathematical Sciences
MS in Computer Science from Clemson University, 2015
BS in EE from Beijing Institute of Technology, 2012
Recent Classes Taken
MATH8010 General Hypothesis Test I
MATH8030 Stochastic Processes
MATH8040 Statistical inference 
MATH8050 Data analysis
MATH8080 Reliability and life testing
MATH8090 Time series
MATH8100 Mathematical Programming
MATH8140 Network Flow Programming
MATH8170 Stochastic Models In Operations Research I
MATH8180 Stochastic Models In Operations Research II
MATH8210 Linear analysis
MATH8220 Measure and integral
MATH8230 Complex Analysis
MATH8310 Fourier Series
MATH8510 Abstract Algebra I
MATH8520 Abstract Algebra II
MATH8530 Matrix Analysis
MATh8540 Graph Theory
MATh8580 Number Theory
MATH8600 Intro to Scientific Computing 
MATH8650 Advanced Data structure
MATH8850 Advanced Data Analysis
MATH9010 Probability Theory I
MATH9020 Probability Theory II
MATH9510 Algebraic Number Theory
MATH9850 Homological Algebra
MATH9852 Monomial Ideal
Last Updated: 4/30/18