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Akshay Gupte

Assistant Professor
Nathan Adelgren
PhD in Operations Research from Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012
MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Arizona, 2007
BS in Production Engineering from VJTI, University of Mumbai, 2005
Professional Research Interests
Discrete Optimization, Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming
Professional Memberships
Mathematical Optimization Society, SIAM, INFORMS
Professional Honors and Awards
  • US Junior Oberwolfach Fellow, 2015.
  • NSF student travel award for NSF CMMI Grantee Conference, 2012.
  • John Morris fellowship and Tennenbaum scholarship, Georgia Tech.
  • National talent search scholarship, Government of India, 1999.
Selected Publications
  1. A. Gupte, S. Ahmed, M. Cheon, S. Dey, Solving mixed integer bilinear problems using MILP formulations, SIAM Journal on Optimization, 23 (2), pp. 721 – 744, 2013. [Journal][Preprint]
  2. A. Gupte, S. Ahmed, S. Dey, M. Cheon, Pooling problems: an overview, to appear in Optimization and Analytics in the Oil and Gas Industry, eds. K. Furman, J. Song, International Series in Operations Research and Management Science, Springer, 2013. [PDF]
  3. S. Dey, A. Gupte, Analysis of MILP techniques for the pooling problem, Operations Research, 63 (2), pp. 412 - 427, 2015. [Journal][Preprint]
  4. A. Gupte, Convex hulls of superincreasing knapsacks and lexicographic orderings, Discrete Applied Mathematics, in press, 2015. [DOI] [Preprint]
  5. A. Gupte, S. Ahmed, S. Dey, M. Cheon, Relaxations and discretizations for the pooling problems, Journal of Global Optimization, conditionally accepted. [OptOnline]
  6. N. Adelgren*, P. Belotti, A. Gupte, Efficient storage of Pareto points in biobjective MIP, under review. [arXiv]
    • Shorter version accepted to Proceedings of INFORMS Computing Society Meeting 2015. [Proceedings paper]
  7. J. Lu*, Y. Huang, A. Gupte, A mean-risk MINLP for transportation network protection, under review. [PDF]
  8. A. Gupte, S. Ahmed, S. Dey, Supermodular inequalities for MINLP with product of continuous variable and function of 0/1 variables, to be submitted.
  9. A. Gupte, S. Ahmed, S. Dey, Valid inequalities for bilinear single node flow, in preparation.
(*) graduate student
Selected Talks
  1. Convexifying bounded product terms for nonconvex MINLPs. MIP 2015.
  2. On MINLP with products of continuous and 0/1 variables. INFORMS Annual Meeting (2014).
  3. Facets of some superincreasing integer knapsacks. INFORMS Optimization Society Meeting (2014).
Recent Classes Taught
Math 812 : Discrete Optimization - Fall '13, '14, '15
Math 810 : Mathematical Optimization - Spring '15
Math 440/640 : Linear Programming - Spring & Fall '14
Math 206 : Multivariate Calculus - Fall '15


office: (864) 656-5226
fax: (864) 656-5230
email: agupte@clemson.edu
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Akshay Gupte
Mathematical Sciences
Clemson University
Martin O-321
Clemson, SC 29634-0975
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