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Chris Cox

Professor Emeritus
PhD in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, 1984
MS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University, 1980
BS in Mathematics from Grove City College, 1978
Professional Research Interests
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations (especially finite element methods for fluid dynamics applications)
Viscoelastic Flow Modeling
Polymer Process Simulation
Filtration and Separation Process Simulation
Professional Memberships
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Selected Publications
  • N.H. Andreas, C.L. Cox, T. Kato, and M. Tamura, “A Model for Transient Cross Flow Filtration in a Narrow Rectangular Domain”, Separation and Purification Technology, 156(1), 36-41 (2015).
  • N.H. Andreas and C.L. Cox, “New cross flow filter module design parameters: A theoretical analysis of cross flow filter performance limits”, Filtration, 13(4), 247-256, (2013).
  • T.F. Chen, C.L. Cox, H.C. Lee, and K.L. Tung, “Least-squares finite element methods for generalized Newtonian and viscoelastic flows”, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 60 1024-1040 (2010).
  • C.L. Cox, H. Lee, and D.C. Szurley, “Optimal control of non-isothermal viscous fluid flow”, Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Vol 50, Issues 7-8, 1142-1153, (2009).
  • C.L. Cox and Y.-P. Jeon, “Simulation of multifilament semicrystalline polymer fiber melt-spinning”, Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics, Volume 4, Issue 1, 34-43, (2009).
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