Clemson Mathematics Placement Test (CMPT)


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Do I need to take the CMPT if I have math transfer or AP credit?
Yes. The CMPT is required of all new students, regardless of transfer or AP credit, or BRIDGE status.
I have math transfer or AP credit, but didn't do well on the CMPT. Will my math credits still count?
Yes. Your math credits will still count, and you won't need to take the course over again at Clemson.
I can't take the test because it says I am not eligible. What do I do?
Send an email to Connie McClain, Include your UserID and your XID. Please let her know if you are a new student or a continuing student.
I can't take the test because ALEKS or Java isn't working properly. What can I do?
Go to our technical support page.
Can I take the placement test after I come to orientation?
You should take it at least once before you come to your orientation, but yes, you may take it again after orientation. You have 6 months to work through the learning modules and then try and improve your score. It is okay if you work on them after your orientation session. If you registered for a course that you later place out of, you can drop the old course and add a new one after all orientation sessions are over.
When is the last time I can take the CMPT?
The CMPT is never turned off. You can take it anytime. However, you need to complete it at least one day prior to the last day to add if you intend to register for a course that semester with a CMPT prerequisite.
I have taken the CMPT once and either want to take it again or want to work on the learning modules. How do I do that?
If you click "Go To ALEKS", you will be taken to the ALEKS website again. This time though, you should have the option to work on the learning modules (top left) or take the test again (top right).
What course should I take based on my score?
What course you take depends on your major. Most majors have a required first math course. You should consult the university catalog to see what math course you need to take. Once you know what course you need to start out in, visit the interpretation page to see what CMPT score is required to take that course.
What if my score isn't high enough to take the course I need?
You should first try and work through the learning modules to improve your score. If you have already done that, you should take the course you do qualify for that is in the same column as the one you need on our interpretation page.
Note: If your major requires MATH 1020 first and you made between a 50 and a 59, we recommend you take MATH 1990 and 1991 instead of MATH 1010 or STAT 2220. It will better prepare you for MATH 1020.
Note: If your major requires STAT 2300 and you made between a 50 and a 59, we recommend you take MATH 1010 or STAT 2220 instead of MATH 1990 and 1991.
I have a question, but it isn't one of these. Whom do I contact?
If it is a problem with ALEKS: downloading, installing, or taking the test, you will need to contact them. Please see our technical support page for full details.
If it is any other question, email Ms. Connie McClain at Please include your Clemson ID number, Clemson userID, and intended major.