Essential Information

The CMPT must be taken using a computer with a webcam. You must show a picture ID. The software will have you scan the room and your testing area. You must show your ENTIRE working space, as well as the location of your cell phone. Further directions are on the Go To ALEKS page.

Beginning Fall 2020, placement into introductory chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, and statistics courses is primarily done using the score from the math portion of the SAT or ACT. However, a student may choose to take the CMPT to try and improve upon their placement.

Please see View/Interpret Score for a detailed list of these courses, their descriptions and prerequisites.

About the CMPT

The CMPT is an online placement exam, using ALEKS (Assessment and LEAarning in Knowledge Spaces). It is an adaptive exam, consisting of approximately 25 - 35 questions.

Because of the online proctoring requirement and the potential for losing an attempt due to a poorly recorded video or incorrectly shown environment, students are now given up to 4 attempts on the CMPT. There is a 24 hour 'cooling off' period between attempts. The highest score received will be used for placement. To take the CMPT, click the "Go To ALEKS" link in the above menu.

After taking the test for the first time, students will have access to ALEKS learning modules. We strongly recommend students work through some of these before taking the test again. These modules are designed to refresh students' mathematical skills. ALEKS placement is an adaptive test. Once students complete their first assessment, ALEKS will suggest where to start in the learning modules. Students have free access to the learning modules for 12 months. The 12 month access to the learning modules begins once the student first accesses them. ALEKS may trigger an assessment while the student is working through the modules. This is so the software can assess student progress. It does NOT count as one of the permitted 3 attempts.

Students will have 3 hours to complete the exam. The average completion time is 2 hours.

Accommodations, Fees, and Eligibility

Any student who requires accommodation(s) for placement testing should work with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) to put reasonable accommodations in place prior to taking the test. Contact SAS directly at

ALEKS charges a $25 fee for access to the exam and learning modules. This is a one-time fee for 3 attempts and 12 months access to the modules. The test proctoring center also charges 10 dollars for each attempt at the time the test is taken. Please have a credit card or debit card available when you go to take the exam. There is no additional charge for ALEKS when you go to take attempts 2 or 3, but there is still the proctoring fee. Should you need to take the placement test again after your 12 months have expired though, you will need to start over and will be charged by ALEKS again.

Students who are no longer eligible to take the exam should contact Mrs. Erica Bagwell, Include your Clemson ID number and username.